The CBI Program has been around for over 35 years at McComb High School. The program allows students to earn credit while working and also receive valuable training in the related class work.  This year we have 9 students, and 8 are employed.


The following is a list of employers who have employed our CBI students. 

Zac D. -Flag City Auto Wash
Zach P.- Flag City Auto Wash
Colton O.- Flag City Auto Wash
Veronica H.- Hearthside Food Solution
Brice S.- Burger King
Courtney S.- Waffle House
Parker L.- CBI Student

Other past stakeholders who have helped with our program are Great Scot, Village of McComb , Subway, Snively's, and Bennetts.

Mr. Alge, CBI Coordinator


419-293-3853 ext. 324

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee members for 2014-2015 are:

Joe Wasson--Chairman

Robbie Quiroga--Board Member

Kevin Siferd--Community parent and Business member

Steve Dukes--former 2001 CBI Student and current Business owner

Jim Pierce--Faculty member