FCA meets on Wednesday morning at 7 AM in Mrs. Hassans Room. Come join us for some scripture reading and lessons from the bible. Donuts and juice will be provided. 

Important Dates

Saturday, November 7 @10 to noon- Leaf Raking
Caroling- TBA
Thursday, December 31, @ 10am to 6pm- City Mission Meal
Thursday, May 5th- National Day of Prayer

Mrs. Hassan, Math Teacher/FCA


419-293-3853 ext. 322


Jenny W.
Devin G.
Becky W.
Ingrid G.
Coach Latta


Jenna H.
Eden G.
Cole W.
Aaron S.
Camryn S.
Jordan S.
Dakota L.
Molly L.
Aaron R.
Jenna H.
Matt S.
Nick M.
Caden S.
Ryan B.
Bailey R.
Loryn H.
Cynthia A.
Gage L.
Adrian G.
Jake C.
Maddie L.
Brittani H.
Tyge L.
Aaron R.
Bri L.
Xandria E.
Mariah A.
Chloe S.
Caleb T.
Justin W.
Seth L.
Austin S.
Tesla S.
Marah G.
Kheaghan L.
Kelly L.
Lauren G.
Kaylee R.
Kim R.
Alysiah S.
Alyssa H.
Shelby S.
Justin R.
Andrew S.